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03/06/16 06:59 PM #68    


Susan Traylor (Mortensen)

Very sorry to hear of the death of Bill. My deepest sympathy to his family.

03/07/16 11:44 AM #69    


Carol Smalley (Farley)

Sorry to hear of Bill's passing.

03/07/16 12:24 PM #70    


Susan Wells (Doty)

Bill wan't just a classmate, he was a neighbor and a friend. It was such a shock to hear or his passing. He was doing so well and has a great outlook and doing the things he loved to do.I will miss the fish stories, seeing him walk Sugar, and going out to play tennis. My love and prayers go ou to  his wife Susan. Smooth sailing Bill  Susan Wells Doty

03/08/16 01:54 PM #71    

Linda M Oliver (Thompson)

Sorry to hear of Bill's passing. My thoughts and prayers go out to his family.

04/20/16 09:38 AM #72    


Raymond Louis Mantell

Noticed in the Tampa Bay Times this morning that former teacher Henry Fraze passed away in St. Pete at the age of 77.  May he rest in peace.

04/28/16 12:35 PM #73    


Paula Dianne Ryon (Murray)

Sorry to hear of Mr.Frase' s death. He taught me a very valuable lesson. First and last F I ever had..

08/07/16 07:27 AM #74    


Susan Traylor (Mortensen)

I just read in the paper that our classmate Fred Lintz passed away. To his Family and Friends thoughts and prayers.

08/08/16 08:11 AM #75    


Shelby J. Barnes

Thank you for posting.

08/08/16 10:15 AM #76    


Raymond Louis Mantell

I remember Fred as a big, jolly guy.  May he rest in peace.

08/08/16 12:41 PM #77    


John Paul Jones

I had a class or two with Fred.  And like Ray said, he was a big and jolly guy with reddish blonde hair.

08/10/16 12:32 PM #78    


Linda Tope (Spelbring)

smileyJust a quick shout out to all my classmates. Spent an awesome week with classmates Trudi, Gert, Patty, Ann, and Yvonne at a beautiful cabin in Maggie Valley, NC. We had lots of laughs and shared stories. Discovered that driving up a mountain is very challenging but possible. But wouldn't want to do it year round. We celebrated all our 70th birthdays as most of us in the class of 1964 are going to do this year. Wow, 70 sounds real old but doesn't feel as old as I once thought it would. Happy Birthday to ya'll!

08/10/16 04:50 PM #79    

Judith Pollett (Layman)

I hope you had a really great birthday. May God truly bless you!

08/13/16 07:30 AM #80    


Mary Ellen Bennett (Concannon)

Happy Birthday to all of my classmates turning 70 this year.  Linda, - Glad you girls had fun!  That is what it is all about.  Take care and please stay in touch.


12/30/17 01:16 PM #81    


Trudi Price (Massaro)

It is so sad to hear about   dear classmates who have  passed away.

Most recently, Bobbi Brown passed away on Dec. 24th. There will be a memorial gathering at the Red Mesa Contina downtown St Pete on Wed, Jan 3, 6:30-9:30 PM



12/31/17 07:19 AM #82    


Donna Omasta (Bryan)

Heaven's gain! Healing prayers for the family and friends of Bobbi Brown. 

07/06/18 06:34 PM #83    


Yvonne McKeithen (Smith)


For those of you that attended Meadowlawn jr. high, William Latham, 7th grade science teacher, passed away 3 days short of his 91st birthday. His wife and daughter are good friends of mine, and we have stayed in touch through the years. Many years ago Mr. Latham actually came and read to my class of first graders. I’m  sure I was more excited than they were!


08/02/18 12:53 PM #84    


Raymond Louis Mantell

Just received a phone call from his widow tha Gary Thacker passed away on 01/12/18. May he rest in peace.

10/05/19 08:33 AM #85    


Dale Curtis Chapin

Stopped at an estate sale several weeks ago where Jerry Fish , one of our classmates lived, and was told he had lost his battle with lung cancer in April.

10/14/19 10:52 PM #86    

Ron Rosen

Like to get a T-shirt celebrating the 55th Reunion? (OK... I Know it's a bit geeky!)

If so... email ASAP (no later than noon Wednesday 10/16) to

Provide your name and shirt size (S, M, L, XL; 2XL and 3XL at additional cost).

COST DEPENDS ON TOTAL ORDERS (we're already up to six orders as of Monday night): 6-7 orders $19; 8-11 orders $15; 12 or more $12. Pay at the reunion by cash or check made out to Ron Rosen. The mock-up below gives you an idea of what the shirt will look like. Any questions, email Ron.

10/18/19 01:14 AM #87    


Gordon J. Salisbury


I regret that I’m unable to attend this year’s reunion due to other plans. I have very fond memories of our 50th five years ago. My best wishes to all. And a big shout out to the reunion committee for their wonderful efforts to schedule and plan these events!



10/18/19 07:07 AM #88    


Gilbert Shamas, MD

We will miss you at our 55th. I had hoped to show you our 5th grade composite of our Northward fifth grade class with Mrs Shaffer as our teacher. There are about ten kids in that pic who went on to graduate from NEHI in 1964. You were positioned front and center. There are lots of memories gone by including cub scouts at your house! ...all the best.






10/23/19 04:44 PM #89    


Carol Smalley (Farley)

I was planning on attending the reunion this year but some unexpected circustances have come up this month that makes it impossible for me to be there.  Wishing everyone a lot of fun.  Maybe I will be able to make the next one.  I remember how wonderful the 50th was.  a big thank you to the reunion committee.


11/14/19 11:14 AM #90    

Jane Miriam MacDuff (Stahre)

I just learned that Pat Muar passed away in October of this year.  She was my good friend and although we had lost touch over the years she was always in my thoughts and good memories abound.

12/19/20 04:32 PM #91    

Susan Carroll (Streu)

Happy Holidays to my fellow class members. I can barely see what is shown in this page.I just wanted to wish all of you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!!!! Where did the time go. Doesn't seem that long ago I was walking past Meadowlawn Junior High where I attended first then NEHI. Sounds like reunions are fun! My name was Susan Carroll in high school now Susan Streu. I live in Portland, OR. I am not good on the computers. Can't see well and fingers seem to roll on to wrong letters. Stay safe and healthy. Memory not great  but a special "Hi! to band members and the majorettes". Best of times!

Bye you all!

Susan Maureen Carroll(Streu)


12/20/20 09:24 AM #92    


John Paul Jones

Hi Susan, yes, we are the survivors and hanging in here the best we can. If you can have someone help you post then and now photos of you, the would be great. I'll go to my '64 Viking Log to look up your photo.  You are about as far away from St. Pete as you could be, but just a plane flight if things get normal and we can have another reunion. I'm now in Winston-Salem, NC.  Best wishes and happy holidays to you and all of our fellow classmates. Let's hope, with the vaccine, we can have a better 2021. Love 💕 to all.


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