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12/21/20 04:24 PM #94    


Robert Kunst

Hi , I hope and wish everyone a very merry Christmas. I'm looking forward to another reunion and will be glad to help pay and do work for it. I think when we start saying if, or possibly we have given into the enevitable on its schedule. I have never accepted that and ii think if we plan for the future we will be happier , even if it doesn't happen, than if we give up.

I miss all the people who were at the last one and didn't participate as much as I should have as there were classmates I didn't get to interact with. I'm sorry about that but it is no too late to plan for the future.

Best wishes to everyone 

Bob Kunst





12/22/20 05:24 PM #95    


Donna Omasta (Bryan)

Same to you as well. Merry Christmas and an extra Blessed New Year for all of us.


12/24/20 02:35 PM #96    

Barbara Metcalf (Bartlett)

Something that helps me get through the holiday season when losing a partner....I was supposed to spend the rest of my life with you...and then I realized up spent the rest of your life with me.   I smile because I know you loved me until the day you went away and will keep on loving me until the day we're together again.  MERRY CHRISTMAS!

12/25/20 09:31 AM #97    


Mary Ellen Bennett (Concannon)

Merry Christmas to all my Nehi friends.  Have a wonderful day and stay safe and healthy!  

12/25/20 11:35 AM #98    


Pamela Abdill (Verissimo)

My husband of 51 years passed away on December 1st, 2020.I'm taking one day at a time but it's hard. He was my life. I know his pain is gone and he can be at peace. I have a great suport team, Happy Holidays to all my fellow classmates and have a Healthy 2021 

12/25/20 02:58 PM #99    


Robert Kunst

I am sorry to hear of his passing. He was always a big jovial guy and always had a smile. I'll miss him. Thank you for posting it


I also saw the entry by Barbara and just want to add that I know how tough it is when you lose someone. I don't have any special answers but try to find as many friends as possible because it may help your grieving process.

12/28/20 08:27 PM #100    


Carol Smalley (Farley)

Well 2020 is almost over.  I am looking forward to 2021 and hoping it will be better than this year. Living in Minnesota has kept us pretty much confimed to our house.  The governor has pretty much paused everything from eating out to having friends over.  As he says Stay Home.  Anyway I want to wish everyone in the class of '64 a Happy New Year.  Hoping to get to St. Pete this spring.

02/20/22 12:39 PM #101    


Raymond Louis Mantell

Saw in this morning's Tampa Bay Times that Rudy Gorgus passed away. May he rest in peace.

02/22/22 01:59 AM #102    


Gordon J. Salisbury

Ray, do you know whether it's possible on our site to post a link to an obituary?

02/22/22 08:58 AM #103    

Ely A. Arts

Rest In Peace - Rudy...

02/23/22 08:36 AM #104    


Linda Tope (Spelbring)

I am so thankful that we have the ability to stay in touch with our NEHI classmates! 
I always look forward to the our next reunion. 
Rest in Peace Rudy! 

02/23/22 10:39 AM #105    


Yvonne McKeithen (Smith)

Please see my message about Rudy Gorgus on the In Memory site. 

02/24/22 11:37 AM #106    


Gilbert Shamas, MD

Ray and Yvonne,

Thanks for your detective work finding the obit for Rudy.  It is always sad to hear of any classmate's passing.  Some part of our own past is lost. I did not know Rudy well but was gratified and impressed to hear of his great musical talent.   So, Rudy, RIP.




06/12/22 02:51 PM #107    


John Paul Jones

Is there any talk about having a 60th reunion?

06/13/22 11:55 AM #108    


Denise Paulson (Crais)


If there is a 60th reunion I would like to try and come.

Denise Paulson (Crais)


06/13/22 02:05 PM #109    

Ron Rosen

I had a great time at our 55th, and would certainly like to attend the 60th. I hope those "local" to Pinellas County will consider starting the planning process!

06/13/22 06:02 PM #110    


Trudi Price (Massaro)

Yes, a 60th reunion is definitely planned to happen in 2024!  It's so good to know there's interest already!  We'll get back to you when we  start the planning process.  

07/12/22 11:36 AM #111    


Trudi Price (Massaro)

Though they were not in our graduating class, two former  1962 NEHI grad students that were well-known to many of us and were well liked have passed ...Joe Lettelleir, and Chris Stiles.. I have included their obituaries here.



09/27/22 01:45 PM #112    


Denise Paulson (Crais)


I just wanted to let anyone living in the St. Pete/Tampa area know that I am praying for a safe journey through Hurriacane Ian.  I am moving to the Dallas Texas area next week and hope to never have to worry about hurricanes again.  Denise (Paulson) Crais


01/21/23 10:12 AM #113    


Ronald King

Shortly after marriage in 2015 i was diagnosed with cancer, oh well, 6 weeks of chemo and radiation then surgery. Fortunatly they caught it early, removed all the problem. As of November 2023 i will be cancer free 8years.

I am looking forward to # 60, just keep me informed.

01/22/23 01:14 PM #114    


John Paul Jones

Thank you Trudi and others who post obits.  It's good to know who is still with us and who has passed. 

01/23/23 05:23 PM #115    


Trudi Price (Massaro)

Yes, John , it is good to know about classmates, whether they are still with us or not.  Unfortunately, we are not aware of ones that may have passed recently. If anyone knows of a loss of one of our classmates, please put their name and any other information  here or in the "contact us" menu option. Their name can then be added to the "In Memory" page. This will also help us as we prepare for the next reunion.heart

02/27/23 12:43 PM #116    


Trudi Price (Massaro)

Picnic   April 7th, 

We're having a casual get-together for NEHI '64 at the Bay Pines War Memorial Park (9600 Bay Pines Blvd., St Petersburg).  It'll be this April 7th at 11:30. There's no charge. So if you happen to be in the area, or if you live here,  please come!  We'll provide the hot dogs and have bottled water. Please bring some other food to share, and if you don't want a hot dog, bring your own sandwich and your favorite drink. 

There's a shelter with picnic tables, however you may want to bring a folding chair.  Your spouse and guest are welcome, but let us know you're coming and how many so we have enough hot dogs.

We'll be at shelter #2. It's the last shelter on the loop as you drive around, and as a marker, there's an army tank on the other side of the parking area.

Pease call Trudi at (727) 742-5409, or use the "Contact Us" option on the left side of the page to let us know you can come.  Hope to see you there!


02/28/23 09:51 AM #117    


Donna Omasta (Bryan)

Wish I could fly down from Knoxville, TN to share time with everyone!angelheartsmiley

04/12/24 02:25 PM #118    


Raymond Louis Mantell

Just received a text from his nephew that Arthur Moore passed away a few years ago.  No further info. provided.

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