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The following message was emailed to all. If you did not receive it, please check you email address on your webpage here, and update it if needed. Then please respond to the email address at the bottom of this message.  Thank you!



Hello fellow Viking,

With a successful 55th reunion behind us, your reunion committee has been busy planning a 60th. The 25th and 26th of October 2024 have been selected, so please make a note on your calendar.   We’d also like you to respond to this email with a YES or NO of your interest in attending.  There will be other opportunities, but we need a rough estimate for planning purpose now.  We’d like to say there will always be another reunion if you miss this one, but unfortunately time marches on . . .

As far as the venue is concerned, we are still working on a possible location. Once again, the St Pete Yacht Club looks favorable.  So far, it’s the most economical and close to reasonable lodging.  At past reunions there were whispers that the Yacht Club had to be one of the more expensive venues.  We can assure you it’s not.  As one of the committee is a member, and reserves the rooms, we only pay for the food and gratuities.  Of course, we’re still evaluating other locations, we just wanted to clarify that myth.

Watch the class web site at for updates.  Make sure you don’t forget to mark your calendars and please respond to with your interest in attending.


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If you have not been to the Bistro at Northeast High

School you are missing out on some good eats!!


Their culinary department has a very nice full service

restaurant and are open for business on Wednesdays.

​​​​​​The students are  offering a delicious brunch or a

noon meal for $12. Search "Viking Bistro" or look on

their facebook page to check them out and make your




There are a number of classmates that we have not been able to locate. Please see the list on the "Missing Classmates" page.   If you have any information, no matter how small the detail, or if you can share contact information on any missing classmate, please contact


PO Box 66611

St Petersburg Beach, FL 33736


Or you may simply go to the "contact us" page and leave a message there.

Thank you !




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